The new #Add1Challenge for 2015

The next #Add1Challenge has been launched for the beginning of 2015.

The idea is that you study a language over 90 days and show your progress by making a YouTube video at the start and the end. If you’re a beginner you should aim to be able to have a 15 minute conversation with a native speaker . However you don’t need to be a complete beginner to join the challenge. You may want to join to show progress on a language you already have some knowledge of.

The challenge costs a small fee to join and you have access to a private Facebook group with support and motivation from other polyglots. If 100 people sign up (very likely!) there will be a prize offered of a round trip flight to the country whose language you are learning. How fab is that? It will be judged by 3 polyglots on various aspects such as how much you integrate in the community, progress and effort made and updates made throughout the challenge.

I will be doing the challenge in Scottish Gaelic. Gaelic is part of my heritage and my great-grandfather used to teach it to adults but it was not passed down to me. Being a polyglot, I am quite sad about that. However, I have now had about 6 Gaelic lessons with the college in Skye ‘Sabhal Mor Ostaig’ where we have a group phone tutorial once per week. I will also be starting with a one-to-one Italki Skype lesson in January. For studying, I use the book and CDs provided by the college and I also have the BBC DVDs to teach Gaelic called “Speaking Our Language”. For Christmas I also received a TinTin book in Gaelic. I also have access to the Gaelic TV channel called BBC Alba

I have a trip booked for April to the Isle of Lewis and Harris in Scotland where they speak Gaelic. This will coincide with the end of my 90 day challenge.

Here is my introductory video:

If you’re interested in joining the challenge the introductory video is here:

Good luck!


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