A Trip to the Gaeltacht, Ireland

Being descended from an Irish family on my father’s side of the family, I had always been keen to go to Ireland to see where they came from. I was then very lucky to win a competition with Hillarys Blinds where the prize was a trip to Ireland! I visited County Mayo and County Galway on my trip, spending two nights in each county in two beautiful hotels.

We began our trip arriving at Shannon airport, picking up the hire car and heading for our first stop at the small market town of Ennis in County Clare. On the way there, we were pleasantly surprised by the number of ancient ruins of abbeys and churches by the roadside. Upon arrival in Ennis, we stopped for lunch and had a look around the colourful shops before heading to the 15th century abbey where we went inside and walked around the graveyard.

Abbey in Ennis, County Clare

Abbey in Ennis, County Clare

The guides inside were so knowledgeable and they pointed out features we would never have noticed!

Next stop was our hotel in the village of Leenane in County Mayo where my great-grandparents came from. County Mayo is one of the most remote counties in Ireland with stunning scenery. Our hotel was the Hotel Leenane situated on the edge of the only fjord in Ireland, Killary. Our prize included a four course dinner on one of the evenings which was fabulous. On the Saturday night, we were entertained by a traditional Irish band playing some authentic Irish music in the bar.

Overlooking Killary Fjord, near Leenane Village

Overlooking Killary Fjord, near Leenane Village

We spent the following two days travelling around Connemara including visiting the Doolough Valley with its spectacular scenery and the National Famine Monument. Near the famine monument at Croagh Patrick, there is a popular pilgrimage walk up the Holy Mountain which has been a tradition since pagan times over 5,000 years ago.

Connemara countryside

Connemara countryside

We also went to the village of Cong where the 1950s film ‘The Quiet Man’ was made. This was my grandmother’s favourite film and it was a coincidence it was made in the same part of Ireland her family came from! We visited the Quiet Man Museum and we read some interesting newspaper articles about what the village was like when the Hollywood film crew arrived in the 1950s. The village also has ruins of an abbey and church to visit.
The next day we drove to our second hotel in Galway. On the way we stopped at the pretty village of Spiddal where all the shop and pub signs were in Irish. This was where my Scottish Gaelic came in handy – I was surprised to see how similar the two languages were. Upon arrival in Galway, I met up with my friend Lindsay, a speaker of Irish, and it was fun to compare Irish and Scottish Gaelic phrases with her.

Doolough Valley, County Mayo

Doolough Valley, County Mayo

The final day was spent in the medieval town of Athenry, just a short drive from Galway. The town is full of history with a castle and medieval abbey to visit as well as an interesting museum. We finished our trip in the lively city of Galway where we had dinner in the Latin Quarter and enjoyed a drink in a traditional Irish bar before heading home. Overall, a wonderful trip and we will be back!

The colourful city of Galway

The colourful city of Galway


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2 Responses to A Trip to the Gaeltacht, Ireland

  1. Gareth says:

    Sounds like a lovely trip, Maureen. I, for one, never knew that there was a National Famine Monument. I blame the insular London media. Did you get any sense of the relative sense of Irish and Scottish Gaelic on the ground in the various towns and villages?

    • maureen100 says:

      Yes I understood all the signs but the Irish spelling is much easier! We’re going back within the next couple of years and spending more time in County Mayo.

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