Recent Interviews for Language Related Websites

In the last month, I have given two interviews about learning languages over the last 20 years or so. Both interviews were done over Skype and the audio was recorded.

In the MyPolyglot.Com interview, we conducted the whole interview in Italian and we discussed how I got started with languages, why I chose to learn certain languages, what advantages they have brought me and my recent project of learning Scottish Gaelic.

In my other interview published as part of the ‘Polyglot Talks’ series on the Anna Edu Website which is aimed at English learners, we conducted the interview in English. We also discussed learning Scottish Gaelic and the revival of Gaelic in Scotland as well as the Add1Challenge and various languages I have studied in the past and the reasons why I chose them.

I hope you enjoy listening to my interviews.


About maureen100

Polyglot, Languages Enthusiast, loves travel and cats. Contact on twitter @LangJourneyMo and Facebook
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