Learning Greek in 90 Days

This weeks marks the end of my latest 90 day language challenge. This time I did Greek and I was the only one studying Greek in the challenge which meant I didn’t have a study group so I had limited interaction with the others. However, I found an excellent tutor (Dimiliana) on http://www.italki.com and I started a Greek Express course with her which was 30 lessons plus at least 30 hours of private study time and this gave me all the grammar required for B1 level, although I am still building up my vocabulary.

It has been a tough challenge this time as Greek verbs particularly the past tense are not easy and it has taken me more time to learn them than it would in a Latin or Germanic based language. Some people may be put off by Greek having a different alphabet but I didn’t have any issue with that apart from it makes me a bit slower at reading. Greek has 4 cases and the vocative isn’t used much now so that leaves just 3 to learn properly and there are 3 genders but the neuter gender remains the same in accusative case, so that’s one less to learn.

Me in Santorini

Me in Santorini

I learned the cases very early on in my course so I could start to speak straight away. I find it helps to learn cases within sentences for example “Είμαι από την Αγγλια” is a phrase I say a lot and uses accusative case so I’ll always remember that. 

My final 90 day video shows me having a 15 minute conversation in Greek with a native speaker. Our camera didn’t line up with the screen properly so I only appear in the very beginning but the sound is good and there are English subtitles.

Sunset in Santorini

Sunset in Santorini

My next challenge is Catalan. This should be a lot easier for me than Greek because it’s very similar to Spanish and my Spanish is already fluent. I’m also going to Alghero, Sardinia soon and they speak both Catalan and Italian there so I will get to speak both languages.




Here is my introductory Catalan video showing that I can’t speak very much yet:

All photos were taken by and are my own property. Please ask me if you would like to use any photos from my blog.


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One Response to Learning Greek in 90 Days

  1. Frank says:

    Well done on this challenge and good luck with the Catalan challenge

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