Italki Diversity Language Challenge for July

Today I will begin the Italki Diversity Language Challenge for the whole month of July. The idea of this challenge is to join other learners in learning small languages.  Italki will donate all profits from our first hour of this new language to, an organization dedicated to documenting and preserving all the languages in the world.


Italki List of Languages for the Diversity Challenge.

I couldn’t decide whether to just learn one new language or have taster lessons in several languages that I have not studied before. I decided to opt for the multilingual option along with two of my friends. I have chosen 11 languages and I will take one lesson in each of those languages during the challenge. At the end of the challenge, I will make a video where I will try to say some phrases I learned in all those 11 languages. It will be a fun project to have a taster in various languages and also for a good cause!

I chose various languages from different parts of the world. Some are completely different to any I currently know. My list is as follows:

  • Croatian  – I am going to Croatia in September so it was an obvious choice
  • Lithuanian  – My grandfather spoke this language and it’s the only one of the 11 where I know some basic phrases.
  • Yoruba  – I did a one day challenge in Wolof and that is the only African language I have studied so far. You can see my video after that challenge here with English subtitles.
  • Urdu  – we have an Urdu community where I live, I might get to use it that way
  • Blackfoot  – I am very interested in Native American languages
  • Faroese  – So close to Scotland and hope to visit
  • Azeri  – A region I am keen to visit but haven’t had the opportunity yet
  • Georgian  – Same reason as Azeri
  • Welsh  – I live only 70 miles from the Welsh border
  • Latvian – I have been to Latvia before and intend to visit again, next time with some basic knowledge of the language
  • Fuzhounese  – My regular Mandarin tutor teaches this! I’m sure she will give me a great lesson!

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One Response to Italki Diversity Language Challenge for July

  1. Teddy Nee says:

    Awesome! Good luck in your learning. You didn’t mention the reason to learn Latvian, perhaps, it’s the only close language to Lithuanian? I learnt Latvian before (still learning it on and off) and even, had a viral video of me singing in Latvian. It’s the most beautifully sounding language that I have ever known.

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