#ClearTheList is a monthly goal setting community of language learners which is hosted by Shannon of Eurolinguiste & Lindsay of Lindsay Does Languages. 

I have been receiving these updates from Eurolinguiste and Lindsay Does Languages for over a year now and I decided that it would be interesting and motivating to document my own monthly targets on my blog. For an idea on the regular #ClearTheList posts, check out this recent post by Eurolinguiste.

26047249_883864791783118_4034487086995178740_nJanuary Goals:

  • This month, I will start taking regular lessons in Welsh with an aim to complete my A1 course by the end of March.
  • I am continuing to take lessons in Chinese and my aim over the coming year is to reach HSK3.
  • I am still using the online Slovak course as well as taking weekly lessons. This month, I am aiming to complete units 12, 13 and 14 of the online course.
  • I am taking twice weekly lessons in German on Italki.. In between lessons, I watch YouTube videos such as “Extra” which is a comedy for German learners. We then discuss the videos in my lessons. I am working with a coursebook for grammar at B1 level as well as doing online grammar exercises. I will be happy when I can overcome my difficulties with aspects of the grammar and reach B2 level.
  • I am currently watching the TV series Gomorrah which means lots of practice for my Napulitano.
  • Join the Annual Reading Challenge hosted by Eurolinguiste
  • Read my new language books I got for Christmas on Maori, Plautdietsch and Old English.
  • Make a short video saying what I learned in my Hmong lesson. I hope to visit a Hmong-speaking part of China next year and my video will help me remember what I learned (the basics as a tourist).
  • Start the Udemy course “A Beginner’s Guide to Mindful Learning” by Trisha Collins-Dunbar of Language Learners Journal
  • My best languages are the Latin ones and I still have regular skype sessions in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan and French. I read media and watch news reports on video in all these languages and discuss them in my lessons.

Resources Used:

  • By far my favourite resource is Italki where I find my tutors for my Skype lessons. Some lessons can cost just $5 for 30 minutes. You can register on this link here and after taking your first paid lesson, you will receive $10 of credits to use towards another lesson.
  • TV5 website for interesting , short videos in French with exercises for A2, B1 and B2 levels.
  • German Grammar Exercises on this website where you can choose which topic to focus on.
  • Vilaweb is the main site I use for news and videos in Catalan.
  • Euronews is the main site I use to read and watch videos in my Latin languages.
  • Slovak course  – a free online course up to B2 level which I am currently using.
  • The book Cwrs Mynediad in addition to my Welsh lessons on skype.
  • Udemy course on Mindful Learning.
  • Walter Presents is an online TV channel in the UK and US showing good quality drama in other languages with English subtitles.
  • I use my own method similar to the Goldlist method to learn vocabulary but to save space, I use Excel spreadsheets and not notebooks.

What are your language learning goals this month? Join our #ClearTheList community by writing a blog post, following the hosts and posting the link with the tag #ClearTheList on social media.