#ClearTheList is a monthly goal setting community of language learners which is hosted by Shannon of Eurolinguiste, Lindsay of Lindsay Does Languages, Angel of  French Lover and Kris of Actual Fluency.  

Before we look at this month’s list of goals, let’s review what my goals were last month:

  • This month, I will start taking regular lessons in Welsh with an aim to complete my A1 course by the end of March.  – Still ongoing.
  • I am continuing to take lessons in Chinese and my aim over the coming year is to reach HSK3. Target of HSK3 is Spring 2019 when I go to China again.
  • I am still using the online Slovak course as well as taking weekly lessons. This month, I am aiming to complete units 12, 13 and 14 of the online course. Target reached!
  • I am taking twice weekly lessons in German on Italki.. In between lessons, I watch YouTube videos such as “Extra” which is a comedy for German learners. We then discuss the videos in my lessons. I am working with a coursebook for grammar at B1 level as well as doing online grammar exercises. I will be happy when I can overcome my difficulties with aspects of the grammar and reach B2 level. Ongoing!
  • I am currently watching the TV series Gomorrah which means lots of practice for my Napulitano. New series starts this week!
  • Join the Annual Reading Challenge hosted by Eurolinguiste  – Joined!
  • Read my new language books I got for Christmas on Maori, Plautdietsch and Old English. – Ongoing! 
  • Start the Udemy course “A Beginner’s Guide to Mindful Learning” by Trisha Collins-Dunbar of Language Learners Journal – Ongoing!
  • Make a short video saying what I learned in my Hmong lesson. I hope to visit a Hmong-speaking part of China next year and my video will help me remember what I learned (the basics as a tourist).  – Click here to see my video after one lesson in Hmong.
Reading my new Occitan book

February Goals

  • This month, I will be giving a presentation about Gaelic in Scotland at the online Language Learning Summit.
  • Continue with my advanced & intermediate level languages by learning with a skype teacher on Italki. Those languages are Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, French, Sicilian and German. Continue with basic level Chinese lessons.
  • Complete the A1 Slovak course and continue with Italki lessons.
  • Watch the new 3rd series of Gomorrah and improve my Napulitano listening skills
  • Continue learning Welsh on Italki. This is the second month of my three month challenge.
  • I found a new Egyptian Arabic teacher who really suits me. I did a 90 day challenge in Egyptian Arabic last year and made a video with a native speaker. You can watch that video here. My teacher stopped teaching online 9 months ago but it has taken me quite some time to find a teacher who provides resources like her. I am going to be having weekly lessons for the next couple of months just to boost my confidence.
  • Participate in the Eurolinguiste Language Learning Reading Challenge. This month’s task is to read a book about the history of the region, culture, or language that you are studying. I will be reading “The Welsh Language: A History” by Janet Davies.
  • This week, I will be going to Carcassonne in France. Of course I will be speaking as much French as possible but this is also the region where Occitan is spoken! I can understand a lot of Occitan because it’s very similar to Catalan and I just bought a new Occitan book to read!

Resources Used:

  • By far my favourite resource is Italki where I find my tutors for my Skype lessons. Some lessons can cost just $5 for 30 minutes. You can register on this link here and after taking your first paid lesson, you will receive $10 of credits to use towards another lesson.
  • TV5 website for interesting , short videos in French with exercises for A2, B1 and B2 levels.
  • German Grammar Exercises on this website where you can choose which topic to focus on.
  • Vilaweb is the main site I use for news and videos in Catalan.
  • Euronews is the main site I use to read and watch videos in my Latin languages.
  • Slovak course  – a free online course up to B2 level which I am currently using.
  • The book Cwrs Mynediad in addition to my Welsh lessons on skype.
  • Udemy course on Mindful Learning.
  • Walter Presents is an online TV channel in the UK and US showing good quality drama in other languages with English subtitles.
  • I use my own method similar to the Goldlist method to learn vocabulary but to save space, I use Excel spreadsheets and not notebooks.

What are your language learning goals this month? Join our #ClearTheList community by writing a blog post, following the hosts and posting the link with the tag #ClearTheList on social media.