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New York & The Polyglot Conference

Written in English, then Catalan, then Greek. In October 2015, I was very happy to attend the Polyglot Conference in New York. I attended the two day conference and stayed another 3 days for sightseeing afterwards. I arrived on the … Continue reading

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Add1Challenge – Learning Greek in 90 Days

The latest Add1Challenge for learning a language in 90 days ended at the end of August. The participants are submitting their final videos this week and then three finalists will be chosen to go through to the judging panel to … Continue reading

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Διακοπές στη Φλωρεντία – Holiday in Florence

Written in Greek and then English Πέρυσι, πηγα στην ιταλια με την μητερα μου. Πήγαμε στην Πιζα και ειχαμε ενα ξενοδοχειο για τρεις νύχτες. Πήγαμε να δουμε τον πύργο στην Πίζα. Ανεβήκαμε ο πύργος και είχαμε μια θεα στην Πίζα … Continue reading

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