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Below is a list of interviews and articles about languages that I have featured in.

Identità Insorgenti – I was interviewed about learning Napulitano and Sicilian by an online newspaper based in Naples. Click here to read the article.

CTV Canada – I was interviewed at the Polyglot Symposium in Montreal  – Click here to watch the video report.

Fluent in 3 Months – I wrote an article about my experience of learning Scottish Gaelic – Click here to read it

Memrise   – My interview on their blog. Click here to read it.

My language story is included in the book “The Bible of the Language Learners and Polyglots”. Available on Amazon – click here to view

Parrot Time Magazine – I wrote an article about Scottish Gaelic – Click here to read it. – Audio interview in Italian – Click here to listen

Anna Edu – Website to help learn English – Audio interview in English – Click here to listen

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